Calm drinks are the latest beverage phenomenon hitting the shelves and lining the fridges of health-conscious consumers in 2021. Created in 2019, the brand had one mission and that was to produce the finest tasting CBD infused drinks available on the market.

At the core of the brand, it has also been a priority to ensure that their products are designed, sourced and produced in a sustainable manner therefore allowing almost all their products to appeal to the vegan consumer.

Calm infuses their beverages with 10MG of responsibly sourced premium CBD. CBD is relatively new to this side of the Atlantic but with many consumers focusing on finding natural remedies to better their health and wellness it is fast becoming part of everyday life.

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The popularity of Calm seems to be thanked by the fact that they have created flavour profiles aimed to appeal to a wide demographic homing in on a nostalgic essence whilst maintaining their products are low in sugar and calories. The sensory connection between our brains and food can trigger positive memories and their variety of Orange, Lemon and Lime and Mixed Berry have been firm favourites through the generations.

calm drink orangeBeing aware that we now live in a health-conscious society, Calm Drinks have produced a CBD infused Immune Support Orange Flavoured drink which is packed with your recommended NRV daily allowance of essential vitamins including A, B, C, D, E and K. Consisting of only 10 calories per can and coupled with the fact it leaves a pleasant tone on the pallet it is without a doubt a guaranteed rival to the leading market holders.

We conclude that Calm Drinks seem to have accomplished everything they set out to do.

They have created a brand that is sustainable to the environment, vegan friendly, infused with responsibly sourced premium grade CBD, low calorie and above all else great tasting drinks that leave the consumer wanting more.


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